Tennessee vs. Vaccine Lettuce Bill

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April 9, 2024


Here is another reason that Tennessee is a state that I have my eyes set on as the state I want to live in one day. 

Vaccine laced food is here.  Know where your lettuce comes from.  “The governor of Tennessee is about to sign the “Vaccine Lettuce Bill,” which will require food products laced with vaccine material to be classified as drugs.

Way to go Tennessee.  They were working on the anti-chemtrail fight a month ago.  They aren’t wasting any time taking back their state and protecting its citizens from the tyrannical government that is trying to destroy our great nation and the human beings that live here.

This brings attention to the concerning trend of vaccine-laced foods, which the government and private companies have been working on for many years.”  Listen for yourself.  KNOW YOUR LOCAL FARMER.  https://banned.video/watch?id=660dbeabb0f994f1e4fe76d9

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