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April 20, 2024

Film: Secret Ingredients 

This movie used to be my #1 most effective motivator to inspire people to eat organic when it came out in 2018. Heavy sigh. Not much has changed EXCEPT that things keep getting worse.  And I never thought that was possible. There are other new documentaries out today but this one is still great to reveal the truth about what is happening to our food supply.  Watch & share. 

Eating organic is one of the most effective ways to heal our planet. Personal Health Motivates Environmental Health. Although organic farming reduces pesticides, builds soil, combats erosion, captures carbon, promotes healthier water, supports animal welfare and promotes biodiversity…It’s the personal health benefits of eating organic that are usually more compelling to change behavior. People in Secret Ingredients switch to organic and overcome conditions like infertility, autism, obesity, brain fog, allergies, asthma, depression, digestive issues and more.  Make sure you watch it with the whole family and with your friends. It’s not free, but it is worth the few bucks to watch it and you are helping the cause.   Education is the key to transformation.

Also, here is a great interview that has solutions to the mess we are faced with.  This doesn’t cost anything to watch.  Also worth the time and effort.  

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