Soups On Main

Serving Nutrient Dense Foods Straight From The Farm!
Located in Hackettstown, NJ

Farm-To-Ladle, Pot-To-Table!


We want to support local farmers, not hinder them.

Therefore, as long as they are practicing organic standards, we will support their efforts by purchasing their meat, dairy products, vegetables, etc.

Bottom line, you deserve clean, healthy food!

You deserve food sourced from local farms without worrying about eating chemically exposed or GMO’d foods. We will not accept ingredients from farms practicing the chemically-laden Rutgers or Penn State IPM (integrated pest management) system – it still recommends RoundUpTM for post-season perennial weed control!

Gluten-free, vegetarian, & vegan choices available daily!

We do not thicken soups with flour products.

We use more of the base ingredient (the vegetable) and puree them into thickness.

Those suffering from gluten and/or wheat/flour sensitivities can enjoy savory soup without concern.