We got a 10 from Weston A Price!

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February 28, 2024


Did you know that Soups On Main – Now selling our soups at FLP Acres, was listed on the Weston A Price Foundations website as one of the best restaurants selling healthy, locally sourced soups, salads and wraps in New Jersey?  See what they said below….

“Soups on Main follow traditional cooking methods, use simple, real, local, and organic ingredients. They source all ingredients from their farm (FLP Acres) or other local farms with excellent farming practices. They serve up real sourdough bread that is baked fresh. They are completely transparent in all of their ingredients and have a book on the counter with the full list of every ingredient in every menu item. Their soups are seed oil free and they only use stainless steel cookware. They do not thicken soups with flour products. They use more of the base ingredient (the vegetables) and puree them into thickness. Those suffering from gluten and/or wheat/flour sensitivities can enjoy savory soup without concern.

Don’t believe me, look for yourself….  https://12spoons.com/restaurant/soups-on-main-flp-acres/

Soups On Main is no longer in business as my husband Don and I saw what was happening and wanted to protect our food supply.  That is how FLP Acres came to life.  FLP Acres is an organic style (not certified) aquaponics farm raising tilapia fish and bass, fresh veggies, free range happy chickens and eggs fed organic, locally grown grains and they raise sheep.  Come for a visit and see for yourself.  Shop in the farm store. Help support the farm and the “know your farmer” movement.  Help protect your food supply.  Support the health and wellness community too and learn how to become your own doctor.  We employ children helping them to learn the importance of farming for their future as well as the future of humanity.  God Bless America.   https://flpacres.com/

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