Please Take Off the Blinders & Get Off the Crapper

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March 25, 2024


We must get back to a place when someone’s time was valued. Hand thrown earthenware, homemade soaps and lotions, helping farmers grow our food, supporting local merchants, only buying items made here in the USA by local people just like you and me, this is what brings life and beauty back to our land.  It give hope and purpose to lives and gets them out the trenches of depression. This must take priority in our line up of what is important and valued today.  America first; no more Made in China labels. We need mentors, apprentice programs, adults and craftsmen teaching their skills to others. 

We need to reuse items that are no longer useful to their original owner.  Thrift shops should be in every town.  We should be looking to earn an honest living to support our families instead of focusing on becoming millionaires.  Working like slaves, ignoring the children you brought into this world, just so you can have the bigger house with a lot of wasted space or the newest auto with all the bells and whistles or the latest rage in foot wear.  Good grief, how many pairs of shoes do you really need?  Why do you want to drive a car that you have no control over?

Cheap items imported from China?  Really?  Do you ever stop to think about the real price paid for manufacturing those items?  I try to wrap my head around the fact that the ridiculously low cost is just an illusion. The raw materials have to come from somewhere and there is a cost to acquire them.  The labor that goes into producing the products must come from somewhere as well.  It isn’t all mechanical.  The Chinese people are slaves to their communist dictator government and are paid pennies on the dollar to produce the requirements of many Americans, if they get paid at all. They often live in squalor.  Does anyone care about the other guy anymore?  We used to.  What happened?

We have become a people wearing blinders as a way of life.  We don’t question the narrative, we obey.  If government directives don’t affect us, we turn our head.  We don’t know what’s going on in the towns we pay property taxes to.  We obediently pay whatever is dictated by those in perceived power.  We don’t know who our town mayors are let alone other people that sit on our town councils and boards. 

How about school boards?  The majority of parents today don’t even know about these boards and the impact they have on the future of our country.  The children of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.  Now isn’t that a daunting thought!  Children today have no work ethic. They learn almost nothing in school that will help them become successful in years to come.  Most care only about the latest kill 'em video game or who they can bash on social media without facing the person face to face.  They are engrossed in sexual behaviors, exposed to it at every turn in the road or click of the mouse.  Fast food on every corner.  Big Harma on the other corner. 

We are raising cowards, more sheep with no direction.  I heard a term used the other day called “Gentle Parenting”!  What the heck is that.  Do people read the bible?  Spare the rod, spoil the child.  Did you know parents “own” their children until they are 18?  That’s in the constitution.  I don’t see parents today doing any parenting at all. I see “adults” raising free range meal takers, fast food junkies and housing moochers.  They call that parenting.  NOT!  Parenting takes work just like marriage does.  You think the world is in trouble today?  Wait until these children become of age.  Now that is frightening, in fact it is horrifying.  

Most people don’t even know our constitution, both the US constitution as well as their own state constitutions if the state they live in has one.  Bill of Rights?  What’s that?  Schools are corrupt and we send our children anyway.  We have no idea what is being taught.  We are too busy making money so we can buy more stuff or plan the next vacation. 

People are driven by money, not morality.  Empathy is just a word that many can’t even define.  When will we stand up and say enough?  When will we stand up and JUST SAY NO to the next mandate that isn’t even a law but a demand made by those trying to take over the world and destroy humanity.  Obedient sheep follow anyway.  They have lost their way.  They do not have a shepherd. 

Everyone will pay the price eventually for no longer putting God and Yeshua first in their lives.  Did you know that more than 30% of our US Constitution is actually biblical – words written in the bible were transformed into words written in our constitution.  God, Country, Family.  This is the order in which all things should follow – you can’t have a country without God and you can’t have a family without a country.  AND you won’t have anything  if you continue to wait for someone else to fight for you. 

We the people must rise and JUST SAY NO.  There is strength in numbers and that is the only thing that comes between us and them – WE THE PEOPLE all uniting and becoming one.  This and a good boot in the butt when a child is disrespectful, belligerent and unruly could turn this all around in a heart beat. 

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