Money & Lies vs. Health & Truth

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March 6, 2024


Have you heard about the diabetes and weight loss drug called Ozempic? This is yet another example of how money and lies rule over health and the truth. People need to understand that there are no shortcuts to being healthy. The only short cut I know of is to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Food is truly thy medicine and medicine truly comes from our food and not from chemically ladened drugs and fake foods.

We the people must wake up and realize the truth about what is happening to us as human beings. Our current day life style has been set before us by plan and living a healthy, pain free, disease-free life is not part of “their” plan. BUT it is part of MY plan and the plan of the doctors and researchers I follow & love.

I’m 70 years old and remember when TV dinners were launched. I also remember when Tab diet soda came into the market place. I remember the launch of the microwave oven. This was the beginning of the takeover of our bodies and our life styles openly.

Moms used to stay home and care for the family. They had time to shop local, buy fresh foods and prepare healthy meals for their families. Dinner was eaten with the family sitting down at a table. We discussed the events of the day and were nourished by what we ate. Dinnertime consumed about an hour out of our day. We did not snack between meals or graze through the day constantly eating. We did not eat silently while the boob tube entertained us. We did not drink diet sodas or use a microwave oven to prepare food. It was a time-consuming event that occurred daily. It was part of every day life.

Fast forward to today. There are fast food restaurants on every street corner. Even in country settings you’ll find at least one drive-thru restaurant where you can get grab and go foods. We are so overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the crazy lifestyles we now live, that many meals are consumed while driving to our next appointment or event. Diet sodas and other sugar filled drinks come in a variety of flavors, filled with chemicals, just to make them taste good.

Most every kitchen is equipped with what most people deem an essential appliance, the microwave oven. Microwaving food research has pros and cons on both sides but I prefer to steer clear of a microwave. The radiation alone is not something I want to be exposed to. We have enough of that to deal with already so why add more stress to our bodies.

Back to Ozempic which is used to address the rise in obesity and diabetes. As is the case with other drugs introduced into the market place, research doesn’t address the long-term effects of using Ozempic. This is what I am seeing while researching this drug. Side effects being reported are: suicidal thoughts, depression, gut disfunction, stomach paralysis, vomiting, diarrhea and more…

The kicker for me is that you need to be on this drug for life. And Ozempic is taken via a weekly injection at a cost of approximately $20,000 per person.

Now, I’ve got questions. Why didn’t we have obesity issues 70 years ago? Why is the company that manufacturers Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, not allowed to market this drug in Europe and why isn’t it approved for obesity treatment there? Why is it receiving most of its revenue and profits from America? Why is our government and our insurance carriers paying for people to take this drug IF 30% of the recipients go off the drug within 3 months? Why are the lawsuits pouring in claiming life threatening effects even after patients stopped taking the drug? And the real kicker after all is said, patients that go off Ozempic instead of taking it for life, are gaining the weight back.

I’ve heard that the EU powers that be are launching an investigation to find the link between the use of Ozempic and the increase in suicides and depression.

If serotonin, your happy hormone, is produced in the gut and if Ozempic is paralyzing the guts of those taking it, well dah. You don’t need to be a doctor or a scientist to see the correlation. Can you say corruption?

It is just more of the same. Big Pharma corruption and deceit is at an all time high. Did you know that Novo Nordisk is paying the NAACP to say that not supporting Ozempic is a civil rights issue! The NAACP is actually a registered lobbyist for Ozempic. Remember, Ozempic is a government funded drug.

Did you know that Novo Nordisk has given 30 million dollars to obesity doctors that promote the use of Ozempic? Don’t believe it? Here watch this true story about big Pharma and a cancer pain killer – we are just replaying the same old movie, different drug.

Don’t get caught in the web of deceit. Know the truth. Get to the root cause of what’s ailing you. If you’d like to watch the full Tucker interview with a big Pharma whistleblower, click here could go on and on and I will when I start up FLP Acres Health and Wellness programs on March 12th. Want to learn more? Visit us at Or go right to our Patreon Membership site to sign up for our Health and Wellness community forum where we will be sharing information on all levels of health and wellness with live and recorded bi weekly broadcasts, newsletters and other information including natural solutions to keep people safe and well.

I will dive deep into various topics including detoxing the body of heavy metals, parasites, mold, mildew, candida, yeast, and more. I will be teaching about urotherapy, hydrogen peroxide, water filtration, supplements, healing plants, 4 and 5G challenges, radiation poisoning, earthing, meditation, energy healing, preserving foods, gardening, frequency healing, healthy cooking, supporting local farmers and local merchants, solutions for the challenges we are facing and so much more.

Join us as we journey to healthy living for our future health and wellness. It will be the best $5.00 per month you will ever invest in yourself and your family.

God Bless you all, Donna ♡

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