FEAR, The Ultimate Destroyer of America

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March 21, 2024


Who is the King of Fear? In my book, it is Stephen King.  He has written more than 350 horror novels.  I’ve read a few in my early days. 

Stephen King is known as the “King of Horror”.  In an interview he did years ago, he revealed his own biggest fear and it had nothing to do with crazy dogs, vampires, scary possessed hotels or destructive clowns.  His biggest, greatest fear was losing his mind!

At the time of the interview, King was 70 years old and he said “You lose your identity… your sense of who you are… where you are.  I think I could put up with a lot of pain. I have put up with a lot of pain… and I got better.  But you can’t get better if you lose your mind.”

I’m now 70.  I’ve grown in God and I don’t read his books anymore and haven’t in years.  Fear is not something that I embrace.  I never did live a fearful existence.  I’m a bit of a rebel.  But he did help me to understand evil. Evil was something that I didn’t believe was real.  I thought it was only in the minds of others, but not real. 

I have grown in so many ways, especially in the areas of health and wellness.  Twenty or so years ago, I quit my job and started A Voice For Change.  I wanted to share what I was learning about cancer with others, in the hope of educating them and saving lives. 

In 2016, I moved back home to New Jersey to care for my dad who was in the mid stages of developing Alzheimer’s disease. That experience changed me forever.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  He wasn’t as bad as others but he couldn’t function and you never knew what he was capable of doing next.  It’s similar to caring for a two-year-old.  The care for both is constant.  You can’t let them out of your sight for a minute.  You just don’t know where their minds and actions are going to take them next. 

In my quest for health and wellness, my focus is on helping others to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other debilitating diseases from taking over the lives of others. 

That has led me back to the word evil.  I’ve learned that evil is all around us and it is real.  It is not some perceived notion of wrong doing written about in books.  We are surrounded by evil. You hear about evil acts every day, how evil has taken over our government, how evil is kidnapping our children, destroying our food supply, dismantling our families, taking over allopathic medicine and wiping out our faith in God and country. 

Let me remind everyone that more than 30% of our US Constitution is biblical – words written in the bible were transferred into words written in our constitution.  God, Country, Family.  This is the order in which all things must follow – you can’t have a country without God and you can’t have a family without a country.  AND you won’t have anything and you’ll like it, if you continue to wait for someone else to fight for you. 

Stephen King may fear losing his mind, but I fear losing my country, my community.  I fear the people that surround me have lost God and have made money their savior.  I fear my community has lost empathy and compassion for one another.  I fear that they have lost the ability to JUST SAY NO, unable to unite as one and stand up for what is right.

There is strength in numbers. That is the only thing that comes between us and the evil around us. WE THE PEOPLE must all become one, unite and follow as warriors in God’s army.  When that happens, fear ends and living the life we were meant to live on this beautiful planet begins. 

Sit down with your children and other family members and friends. Discuss evil. Read biblical books together.  Talk.  No phones, no distractions.  Teach them. Don’t allow history to repeat itself.  Share information and help save lives.  Come up with solutions. I can’t do this alone.  

If you want help getting healthy and learning more, visit patreon.com/user?u=32161880 and choose our Tier 1 level for only $5 per month.  All proceeds go the FLP Acres farm.  We need to protect our food supply, protect our children, our future. 

Together we can win the war against evil. We can save humanity from the perils of destruction. Make God your leader and JUST SAY No to the evil that surrounds us.  

Love to all, God Bless you all, Donna ♡

Freedom Loving Patriots

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