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March 4, 2024


Join our health and wellness group today.  AND if you can’t lick em, eat em! 

Learn all about food and health and so much more. We will dive deep into the truth especially how to detox the body and get the most out of what you eat.  Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

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Personal Health Motivates Environmental Health

Watch & share. Eating organic is one of the most effective ways to heal our planet. Personal Health Motivates Environmental Health. Although organic farming reduces pesticides, builds soil, combats erosion, captures carbon, promotes healthier water, supports animal welfare and promotes biodiversity…It’s the personal health benefits of eating organic that are usually more compelling to change behavior.

MRNA ... A Cure For Cancer?

BUYER BEWARE – Vaccines to cure cancer? Don’t fall for it. MRNA is not a cure for cancer. Don’t buy into the hype. Get the whole story and I mean the whole story.

Tennessee vs. Vaccine Lettuce Bill

Vaccine laced food is here. Know where your lettuce comes from. “The governor of Tennessee is about to sign the “Vaccine Lettuce Bill,” which will require food products laced with vaccine material to be classified as drugs.