Defund the Police?? How's that working out for you, Austin??

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March 13, 2024


Well, I wonder how much more American citizens will take before they get off their butts, attend town meetings and demand different outcomes? If your town counsel won't do anything, if the sheriff doesn't do anything then it is time to step up to the plate and take back control. Remember it is our government, of We the People, not theirs. Here's a good example of what's going to happen in a city near you.

No more 911 emergency service
Area resident Lauren Klinefelter is upset about the long 911 response times in Austin, this after she was involved in a significant vehicle accident back in 2022 that also affected her two children, ages two and eight.

"We needed an ambulance and some emergency assistance because not only was my car totaled, but my children were both bleeding and visibly injured," Klinefelter said about the experience.

"I called 911 and, to my surprise, it rang and rang endlessly, only to be routed to a 311 operator for non-emergencies.

The Austin mother recalled having to call a ride-sharing service to take herself and her two children to the hospital for treatment, this after waiting an hour with no help from emergency responders.

"My children were bleeding and over an hour had passed, so with no other option, we got a Lyft to the hospital and back home," Klinefelter said. "The police never showed up. I was never contacted by anyone to follow up on the incident."


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